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Building LenoFX’s first

dedicated sales channel

LenoFX develops intuitive plugins that help video editors save time and money. They needed an eCommerce solution that would communicate a clear brand voice and assert the company’s authority as a major player in the motion graphics space. They also needed a means for handling complex subscription configurations, downloads, and payments, which was not readily available off the shelf.
A Focus on mobile

user experience

Mobile visitors make up a growing segment of LenoFX’s audience, so it was critical to create an exceptional mobile experience in terms of search, navigation and checkout. We conducted rigorous quality assurance testing to verify functionality of the online store and application across devices and browsers.


We created a smart, aesthetically polished online store to build confidence among LenoFx’s highly visual audience, with subtle animations, video on rollover, polished font treatments and a careful attention to balance. To solve the brand’s subscription challenges, we created a custom Shopify app unique to LenoFX that uses recharge subscription payments to handle recurring monthly membership charges. To facilitate subscriber downloads, we created a bespoke digital download engine that provides unique download links via email and on the post-purchase thank you page.
Tools for LenoFX’s success
LenoFX’s custom app facilitates reliable one-time and subscription-based downloads with an efficient checkout process and plenty of room to accomodate future growth. With creative upsells to increase average order value and a seamless member experience, LenoFX builds recurring revenue while establishing trust and brand authority among a growing global audience.
Innovative ways to


By using tags to identify customers and distribute monthly download credits, logged-in subscribers can instantly download products via a single click from the product page. We created a database to ensure download history is logged in the customer’s account, allowing for re-downloads in case of lost files. Strategic tagging also allows select members to purchase groups of product at a discount.
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