Century-Old Italian Brand Expands Reach to U.S. Market
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Building Proraso’s first

dedicated sales channel

Proraso is an established Italian brand for razors and men’s grooming. They needed an eCommerce platform that would help them make headway in the competitive U.S. market. They sought sophisticated product categorization options and a creative way to infuse Italian history into an online experience that’s relevant to the modern man. 
A Focus on mobile

user experience

With so many unique features in this online store, it was important to closely test that all functionalities were intuitive, operational and had formula select options on all mobile and desktop devices. We built a slide-out menu and cart and created a “Complete the Shave” status bar to help customers on smaller screens continue moving forward to complete their purchase, decreasing abandoned carts. 
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Proraso Homepage designs for desktop and mobile
A Focus on mobile

user experience

The interactive experience begins on the home page, where customers can shop by formula and use a formula switcher to discover what makes each product unique. We designed a product page with both single-purchase and subscription tabs, which increases revenue through recurring orders. We also set up applications to increase average cart size, inviting customers to “Complete the Shave” by adding shaving cream and aftershave at checkout for an exclusive discount. Shoppers can also “Build a Set” and further customize their order. Finally, we added a calendar sidebar to showcase various events on Proraso’s schedule.
Tools for Proraso’s success
With an online store that seamlessly aligns with its brand vision, Proraso successfully introduced the U.S. market to its rich Italian heritage and grooming solutions for the modern man.
Innovative ways to


We took a deep dive into the shaving and men’s grooming industry, surveying barbers to find out what sets Proraso products apart. We created an online store that caters to Proraso’s demographic, with a masculine storefront that makes it fast and easy to find the right products (and buy more of them).
Proraso build a box design on desktop and mobile
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