Whiskey Still


Site Redesign and Development

Lead Design Rubaa Jamil
Developer Hanah Davis
Project Manager Rose Gaitanis


Whiskey Stills is a Texas based company that sells handmade stills to distill your own whiskey and spirits at a great price. These stills are not only functional but also happen to look great too.


Whiskey Stills already had a successful Shopify store, but the look of the site was completely dated and in need of a refresh. The brand touts these stills as “not your grandfather's still” so we needed to create a site that lived up to that phrase.


We leveraged the unique shape and copper color of the stills and create a website design that celebrates it and allows it to stand out. The design feature a clean white background to really showcase these conversation piece products front and center and the brand's copper color is used as an accent color site-wide.

Revenue Increase

User Experience

In addition to presenting a clean shopping experience, the site was designed to also provide an informative consumer experience which included content around the functionality of each component of the still, how they are made, as well as guides to distilling whiskey, moonshine and other alcohols. The site even provides the customer with a shopping list of ingredients they would need to distill their own spirits from their local grocery store. This wealth of product and instructional information is presented in an easy-to-digest format.

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