eCommerce migration & replatforming

Parkfield makes replatforming eCommerce an easy process. When Migrating from your current platform to Shopify Plus or BigCommerce we offer an all-inclusive and professional service to make for a smooth transition for our clients.

Our service includes:

  • Seamless eCommerce migration to a fully hosted, cloud based solution
  • Product, category, customer and order history transfer
  • Optional integration with inventory systems you currently use
  • Unleash IT from the burdens of maintaining performance and updates
  • Add, update, and manage products without code

Shopify Plus & BigCommerce Logos
"Cost and limited flexibility became too much for us on Magento"
-Erik Hanna, eCommerce Director of Netaya
Maintenance cost savings from reduction in web developer hours and server costs.
Top Level SSL Checkout · Level-1 PCI Compliance out of the box.
Store uptime increase. No further concerns about limited Bandwidth or risky patches.
Make simple changes without the need for a web developer.

Build your business instead of worrying about your website

Shopify Plus and BigCommerce couples speed and agility with the scalable foundation you need to grow bigger, faster. We have helped a number of clients with eCommerce migration to self-hosted solutions, including Netaya and Homenature, who haven't looked back since.

No longer will you have to worry about performing updates on your store or worrying about security hacks or store compliance regulations, all that is taken of - so all you have to do is focus on how you can grow your business.

Let's discuss your migration today

"We spent over 2 years on a platform that was laborious to use. It was time to try out Shopify Plus"

- Greg Wilson, Homenature

"They helped us flawlessly through our migration from Magento to Shopify. The team at Parkfield is always quick to respond to our needs, they truly care about the success and satisfaction of their clients..."

Erik Hanna, Director of eCommerce, Netaya