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Lead Design UX Team
Developer Dev Team
Project Manager Thor Berntsson


Designed by Turkish-born Ipek Irgit, Kiini is loved for its bohemian aesthetic and vibrant, playful pieces. Their pieces are inspired by her global travels and is hand-crocheted for the most flattering, comfortable fit. A Kiini Bikini is fun loving and can flatter the woman pool side or beach lover and twenty something or the seasoned veteran of the country pool club member. Kiini's designers tasked us to develop their designs on the shopify platform with tight timelines and as final design challenges were still being implemented.


Working with Kiini's design team was very rewarding from the beginning as we were very patient and understanding appreciating the pressure they were under to deliver amazing designs in very compressed time frames with the expectations of equally quick turnaround on custom development.


User Experience

UX was something we had a lot of input on. From mobile menus, collection layout and a unique backend system that was needed to match bikini tops with bottoms which breaks the normal conventions of Shopify related products. All in all a deceptively simple site that has a fair amount going on behind the scenes to maintain as simple an experience as possible for the end user.

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