Kulani Kinis


Custom design and build - Shopify

Lead Design Richard Emanuel
Developer Connor Yaryura
Project Manager Rose Gaitanis


Fast growing LA and Sydney-based swimwear brand, Kulani Kini, launched in early 2015 and have taken the swimwear industry by storm, shipping to customers all over the world. They are stocked in major department stores including Century21™. Kulani Kinis approached Parkfield to improve their online presence, to develop their store in line with their branding.


They were unhappy with their previous online store’s aesthetics, and its behavior on mobile devices. Most importantly, they felt it didn’t represent their brand. The biggest commercial challenge was the loss of potential international customers through poor messaging, and the absence of purchase options for different currencies.


We produced a stunning eCommerce store built on the Shopify platform. The design aspirations we captured emulated their brand. To combat the bounce rate from international shoppers we created a multi-site solution that would allow consumers from anywhere in the world to enter a website closest to their location. Each site has its own currency and local shipping options.

User Experience

We created an innovative and responsive size chart that shows a variety of sizing options, based on differing sizing metrics across the globe. The website has seen an upsurge in traffic, and on-page time has increased.

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