Paige Novick


Custom site Development - Shopify

Lead Design Studio 9
Developer Bo Yoon
Project Manager Rose Gaitanis


Paige Novick is a second generation jewelry designer and an up and coming influential force on the fine jewelery scene. Currently based out of New York City, her name has become synonymous with effortless style and refined, chic pieces that are the hallmarks of timeless design.


What we strove for in this development process was to bring to life in pixel perfect fashion the beatiful designs given to us by Studio 9. The quality and exacting nature of Paige's amazing pieces needed to be reflected in a site that held fast to this ethos of precision.


Browser testing and devise responsiveness is something that is guaranteed in all of our delivered work. With Paige Novick we took this to the next level testing at every stage and with the whole team constantly opening devices to look at results of subtle changes.

User Experience

Paige Novick is excellent example of well executed UX. Pages are easy to navigate and well laid out. Mobile experience is seamless and fluid. Product imagery and lifestyle photography blend well to support branding and the overall voice of the brand.

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